About us

Not easy to descripe, so first of all some facts:

- two nice girls

- 26 and 6 years old

- standig at a treshold: one at the end of, the other at the beginning of - her educational career

- we quit our tenancy agreement, sold most of our furniture and bought a camper

Okay, and now the complicated rest:-)

You wanna know why we do something like that? Eligible question - i'll try to answer. I hope you don't have to do something else :-)

reason number 1

Actually, I wanna spend 2 semesters in Sweden. I quarreled with the the auditing of my german university and queried the whole system. I'd like to know a different kind of university education. Nowadays a temporary stay abroad is "standard" and necessary for getting a wellpayed job. Furthermore the swedish language is similar to german, so my daughter would have less communcation problems than in France for example. So I made a plan. First part of the plan was learning swedish, because in my opinion "outgoings" should handle national language basics. After that, I applied for an european studentship - Sweden is a very expensive country. But expected not really a big chance, because of my daughter and so on. However, I was selected:-)

I was very happy, but not for a long time... Lots of problems came up. For example finding a place to live and getting space in nursery school for Josefine. Both became really big problems, because all flats in Umea were allocated in sequece of a waiting list. Average time of waiting is between 2 and 5 years... so there was no chance for me to get an flat with just 6 month of preparation... I tried all other available possiblities to get an accomodation, the result was amazing: ONE offer. And it was a holiday house 30km away from the center - upon the north of Sweden - no way.

Second problem kindergarden: The available seats were also assigned - according to your habitation. So you need a domicile first of all and then you can be put on the list. Super...

In the end, I had to make a decision, leave or stay in Germany.


I chose the last one. Meanwhile it was end of july and because of Sweden, I had also a lot of trouble here in Germany. 3 months before I quit my hiring contract for keeping period of notice correctly. Nursery space the same... 6 weeks later everthing is running down...


The folllowing time was very stressful, but in the end there was a "happy end" - as far as possible in such a situation. I found another accomodation and Josefine could return to her nursery.



reason number 2

Just taking time. Beeing a single mother and studiing is doable, of course, but always a balancing act. All above the sword of Damocles - the lack of time. Missing time for laerning, for playing with my daughter, for sleeping, for doing homework, for friends and so on. Anything or anybody suffered all the time. Time just for myself - I don't wanna speak about.

Then there's a point you feel like the familar hamster in his running wheel :-) You're running and running until the batteries break down.

But I don't wanna claim about, I chose those life and I like it - in spite of everything:-)

And I thank for all the people around me that back and help me in a lot of difficult situations, especially my family.

However, to my mind every man is the artisan of his own fortune. That's the way I live my life and I try to find fortune - for me and Josefine. Even if it's the hard way and a lot of people aren't able to understand this. I'm not an ordninary girl, so often I leave the ordinary way. Also in this case:-)

As long as possible, and that's not quite much anymore, I wanna have common time with Fine.

And now, at the end of study the situation is harder than ever before and I asked myself the question, do you want to jump from one running wheel (university) equal to the next one (Job) ? The answer was NO!

reason number 3

To think outside the box. To broaden one's horizont.

To stir up and satisfy curiosity equally, openess to new ideas and above all living tolerance. But also make her, who grew up in an affluent society, aware of how well it's all about us and that it's not self-evident. Show here another side of life, brighten her senses to value the really important things of life.

There are much more values I wanna impart to Josefine, but I guess desire is clear.

reason number 4


Anything is possible - if you really want it. - The sky is the limit :-)

Hey, don't be afraid, I'm only human - packed with mistakes and a lot of quirks :-)

Do not worry, this won't be a motivational guide. It's more about embolding others and stilling fears.